Water Treatment with Viqua UV Light

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Between visible light and x-rays, electromagnetic UV energy or ultraviolet is found. It can be described as invisible radiation. To kill microorganisms, UV rays penetrate the outer cell membrane and disrupts its DNA as it passes through the body of the cell, this disruption prevents reproduction.

The ultraviolet water purification process is quick and painless. As mentioned above, UV light degrades DNA, rendering it useless, and therefore unable to reproduce. The UV light is essentially a gentle giant that kills microorganisms as it flows under it.

The level of inactivation of microorganisms by UV radiation is directly related to the dosage of ultraviolet applied to the water. The dosage is measured in microwatt seconds per square centimeter (µws/cm2 ).

Though UV water purification is powerful and effective enough to kill microorganisms, it does not chemically alter the water. The dissolved microorganisms are also not removed from the water, nor are other particles. The UV treatment only kills microorganisms that are exposed to it.

Different amounts of water require different dosages of exposure to UV. As long as the dosage is correct and the light is installed correctly, the water will be safe to drink.

What Is Viqua UV Light Water Sterilization

The Viqua UV lights are a point of entry or whole-home water sterilization systems that use UV rays to kill microorganisms and make water safe for drinking for your family. The Viqua sterilizers are eco-friendly water treatment solutions, adding zero extra chemicals and contaminants to the water. They disinfect against microbiological contaminants and provide safe drinking water for you and your family.

How Does the Viqua UV Light Work

The Viqua UV light water treatment is a safe, chemical-free way to treat water. UV exposure is so powerful that even chlorine-resistant microorganisms are left harmless when treated. UV systems use no chemicals, which means there are no chemical byproducts going back into the environment. Even better, the Viqua UV light treatment leaves your water’s taste unaffected.

Water runs through a stainless steel chamber, known as a reactor, that contains a UV-producing lamp in the disinfection process. The microbes in the water receive a deadly dose of Ultraviolet rays and they are deactivated upon contact.

Benefits Of Viqua UV Light Water Sterilization

UV water treatments have many benefits. We list the main ones below:

  •  Chemical-free– Depending on your water source, your water may contain viruses and bacteria that are harmful for consumption. Harmful chemicals used to treat water such as chlorine are also not safe for us to drink. Using UV water sterilizers are a safe and healthy way to ensure you have clean, chemical-free water.
  •  Easy to install and service– Installing and maintaining your Viqua water treatment system is as easy as 1-2-3. Depending on which of the products you choose to install, you might be able to do the installation yourself or use one of our experienced technicians to install it for you.
  •  Economical and energy efficient– Install it once and it will last for one year. Don’t you wish every other thing in life were that easy? The sterilization systems are also energy-efficient, which means you will spend less on your electricity bills each month.
  • They address a wider range of pathogens than chlorine– some protozoa like Cryptosporidium and Giardia are resistant to chlorination, so using the Viqua UV light treatment is the fastest and safest way to rid your water of these.
  •  Recognized by regulators including USEPA.
  •  Space Efficient– These units were designed with space in mind and will fit under any counter for single tap treatment solutions or any appropriate space for a whole-house treatment system, otherwise known as point-of-entry.
  • Reliable– When using this high-performance UV lamp, there is no need to worry that your water supply is not being treated correctly. You can have the peace of mind you need for safe drinking water for your family as the system is rigorously tested to provide consistent output over the entire lamp life (9000 hours).
  •  Application– Worried about whether this system will work for your space? No need. It is ideal for homes, cottages, or any other building that needs clean, safe water to drink and use, whether it is on a single faucet or in a point-of-entry position.
  •  Disinfection is almost immediate– Unlike when using chlorine where you sometimes have to wait a while before using the water, using UV light treatment disinfection is almost immediate as the microbes are deactivated upon contact.
  •  UV light treatment does not change the taste or odor of the water.
  •  No need to pay a lot of money for a lot of equipment.

Viqua UV Light Water Treatment Systems Provide Safe, Clean Water for Your Family

Heavy metal, chemicals, and microorganisms can be present in the water that flows into your home. Reduce their harmful effects on your body and health by using the Viqua UV light water sterilizers, available at Lone Star Water Service. We have the best water treatment options, an experienced team, and the knowledge to find the water treatment solution that is right for you. Contact us today to get started


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