Water Softener System for Well Water

Water Softener System for Well Water

Hard water concerns are common among homeowners. Hardwater damages our household equipment and can cause other issues with our health and skin. Luckily, water softeners can help by lowering the mineral level of our regular drinking water and removing the hardness.

Can A Water Softener System Help With Well Water? 

Water Softener System for Well Water

Well, water usually has high levels of iron, organic chemicals, heavy metals, and nitrates, and may need a specific water softener.

Well, water also carries high mineral content such as calcium & magnesium, which contributes to hard water. To prevent having hard water in your home, you must use a water softening method to eliminate these minerals from your well water supply. 

This blog will tell you why a water softener is the ultimate choice for well water treatment.

Water Softening Process

Water softeners utilize ion exchange to reduce the minerals found in hard water that enable scale buildup & are toxic to skin & hair.  

When the hard water flows into the mineral tank of the water softener, it passes through a bed of round resin beads. These plastic beads are usually made from polystyrene & are charged with a sodium ion.

Advantages of Using a Water Softeners for Well Water Treatment

You may improve the flavor of your daily drinking water by using a well water softener. A water softener system will not only make the taste of your drinking water better but it will also:

  • Improve the flavor & overall quality of the item that has been cooked or prepared with water.
  • Reduce the excess usage of soap & detergent.
  • Scale buildup on baths, toilets, garments, shower facilities & glassware will be limited.
  • Prevent scale build-up in heating systems, pipelines, plumbing fixtures, & other water-related devices. This will increase your savings on maintenance & repairs while prolonging the lifespan of your household equipment.

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Can A Water Softener System Eliminate Iron From Well Water?

Small amounts of iron can be extracted effectively by water softeners. However, a traditional water softener is not meant to soften water with high levels of iron.

How Often Should A Water Softener System’s Resin Be Changed?

Most studies show that resin loss might be as much as 5 percent per year, meaning the resin capacity will decline 50 percent after 10 years of use. Considering this, the most suitable time to replace your water softener’s resin is between 12 years to 15 years.

If you need a water softener for treating your well water, you are at the right place. Whatever the cause, Lone Star Water Services in Texas has a solution at an affordable price. 

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