Signs of Hard Water on Hair and Skin

Lone Star Water Services professional inspecting a water sample for hardness and other impurities.

Living in a hard water area might be taking a toll on your hair and skin. If you’re struggling with dryness, itchiness, and other hair and skin problems, it’s time to tackle hard water. Lone Star Water Services, a leading water treatment company in Texas, can help you understand the issues and find the perfect solution.

Recognizing Hard Water Problems

Hard water may not be a direct health hazard, but its effects can be unpleasant, impacting your hair and skin in numerous ways. Here’s how to identify if hard water is causing your issues.

Signs on Hair

Symptoms like dryness, flatness, frizziness, scalp flakiness, tangles, and hair color issues may indicate hard water damage

Symptoms like dryness, flatness, frizziness, scalp flakiness, tangles, and hair color issues may indicate hard water damage. The problem isn’t your hygiene habits but rather the minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, in the water you use.

Signs on Skin

Hard Water leaving your skin dry and potentially irritated

Similar to its impact on hair, hard water can affect your skin as well. The most common issue is dryness. Hard water makes it difficult to rinse away soap, leaving your skin dry and potentially irritated. Furthermore, if you have sensitive skin, hard water can make these conditions worse by exacerbating existing dryness.

Understanding the Science of Hard Water

Hard water’s negative effects stem from its high mineral content. The excessive calcium and magnesium can cause buildups in pipes, soap scum, and cleaning issues. But how can you tackle this problem effectively?

Tackling Hard Water Issues with Lone Star Water Services

Modern water softener unit, representing the cutting-edge technology used by Lone Star Water Services.

We have the perfect solution to counter hard water problems – our water softeners. Using a system of negatively charged resin beads, our water softeners “attract” the positive calcium and magnesium ions, effectively providing soft water to every tap in your home.

1. Professional Water Testing:

We identify potential issues like hardness levels, chlorine, total dissolved solids, and iron.

2. Water Consultation:

We discuss your results and provide recommendations based on your specific water needs.

3. Water Softener Selection:

We help you choose the best water softener for your home based on your water hardness levels, usage, and preferences for smart functions or high-efficiency settings.

4. System Installation:

Our professionals handle the installation process, ensuring you have soft water running in no time.

Start your journey to softer water, healthier hair, and skin by scheduling a professional water test with Lone Star Water Services today.


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