Water Softeners Installation Near You

End Your Texas hard water nightmares with lone star water services water softener. Are you tired of seeing spots on your dishes or glasses after even washing them in your dishwasher? Are you really bored of having stiff clothes even after washing them with your top-of-the-line washing machine? Or are you exhausted from being incapable of getting your floor surfaces clean because of the massive buildup of scales? All these issues could result from a build-up of Texas hard-water used to wash your items. To solve these problems, you must use water softeners to ease the result of Texas’ problem with hard-water. If you notice the effects of hard water buildup in your home, utilizing water softener installation from Lone Star Water Services is the best thing to do. 


A water softener removes hardness-causing calcium, magnesium, and the minerals that harden water. Water softeners use a special technique to filter these additives from your water, making it ‘softer’ and gentler on your pipes, faucets, appliances, and body. 

Water softeners work through a process called ion exchange which eliminates calcium and magnesium from the water. The hardness of water is usually measured in grains per gallon, milligrams per liter, or parts per million. When tested, any kind of water that measures 3.5 to 7 GPG can be termed “hard water.”


Water hardness simply refers to water that contains a buildup of certain minerals causing it to have a high mineral content. Minerals that cause water hardness include calcium & magnesium. Therefore, water softeners help soften the water and prevent the problems mentioned above. 

In simpler terms, hard water enters a mineral tank and flows through a bed of resin beads. These beads are usually made from polystyrene and are charged with sodium ions. These beads have a negative charge and since calcium and magnesium have a positive charge and positive attraction, the negative ions pull them from the water, leaving it softer. 

Water softeners can be pricey depending on the supplier and brand but it is a worthy investment if you recognize the benefits. The price of home water softeners also depends on the type, size & model. 

The naturally occurring minerals in “hard” water make it difficult for soaps, detergents & shampoos to lather, which in turn forces you to scrub harder when cleaning your home and body. With the use of water softeners, you can get better results in your cleaning efforts.

Installing a perfect water softener in your house can considerably reduce the natural hard minerals found in your water supply.

Contact a professional from Lone Star Water Services & schedule a water softener installation today. Give us a call for a free evaluation of your needs.


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