Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis System Installation and Repair

4 Stage Reverse Osmosis System Installation Starting at only $495.00.

Are you looking for an under sink reverse osmosis system? Whether you need help with replacement filters or filter change we have the licensed plumbers to help. Even if you didn’t purchase your system through us, we still service it if it needs repairs or replacement parts. 

We can supply your RO system with a faucet that will match your existing fixtures. Please inquire with our office for pricing and selection. Popular options available, brushed nickel, black, copper, white, and more!

NRO4-50 & NRO5-50

4-Stage and 5-Stage 50 gpd RO Systems featuring double o-ring housings and a clear pre-filter housing for a quick inspection of the sediment filter. Also features a 3.2 gallon NSF approved storage tank. This system utilizes 1/4″ compression fittings, 1/4″ tubing, and a chrome long-reach, lead-free faucet. Also includes a filter wrench.

Reverse Osmosis System


4-Stage 75 gpd NRO Quick Change Twist & Loc RO System features quick-change twist & lock cartridges. The Quick Change Twist & Loc cartridge is disengaged and removed with only a quarter twist of the wrist without shutting off the water. Cartridges can even be changed when the customers home’s water system is operating under full pressure. The system also features 3/8″ delivery from holding tank to faucet, quick connect fittings on RO for easy installation, angle stop adapter valve with quick connect fitting, 3.2 gallon polypropylene coated NSF approved white steel tank and installation hardware, filter wrench and a chrome lead-free faucet.

The Quick Change Twist & Loc 75 gpd RO offers optimal levels of water filtration to reduce dissolved minerals, bad taste and odors.

****Well water packages are also available addressing Hardness, Iron, Taste, and Odor issues. Pricing will vary based on the conditions that need to be addressed. We are happy to come by and assess your water conditions and recommend the appropriate equipment based on your needs and your budget. You can also visit our pricing page here.

Replacement Filters & Accessories

FlowLok Leak Detection Kit

FLOWLOK Leak Detectors utilize a highly compressed safety disc that expands when it absorbs water. Once the safety disc has detected water it expands and trips the FLOWLOK safety lever to shut off the water entering the water filtration device. The FLOWLOK Safety Tray is a specially designed tray made to contain any leaks which originate from the water filtration system. Its slightly oversized length helps capture any drips or leaks originating from connectors in the inlet and outlet of the filtration device. Includes two Safety Discs.

NRO Filter Replacement Packs

If it’s required to drill a hole in your countertop for RO faucet, there will be a $75 additional charge.

UV Sterilization

We serve all areas of central Texas including AustinSan Antonio, Dripping Springs, Blanco, Wimberley, San MarcosBudaKyleLakeway, New Braunfels, Helotes, Pflugerville, Boerne, and more! Contact Us today to schedule your service.

Faq’s About Reverse Osmosis Systems For Your Home

Reverse osmosis, also known as RO, is an excellent water purification process that removes contaminants from water and makes it safe for drinking. 

The process of RO takes water and filters out its impurities by forcing it through a semi-permeable membrane, producing clean and refreshing drinking water. Modern RO units combine membrane technology with carbon and mechanical filtration to produce highly purified, great-tasting water.

A RO system functions via a set of actions before it stores water for routine usage. First, there is carbon filtration before and after water is forced through the membrane. There’s also a holding tank for the filtered water and a unique faucet for dispensing.

If you want to find out more about this excellent water purification system, get full details here.

The semi-permeable membrane in an RO system enables water molecules to pass through tiny pores and repels other unwanted molecules.

RO is an efficient way to filter out potentially harmful contaminants, including Lead, Copper, Arsenic, Nitrates & Nitrites, Chromium, Fluoride, Selenium, Radium, Barium, Cadmium, A cyst (cryptosporidium), Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)

RO systems units eliminate about 90%-95% of all contaminants, mineral content included. Since humans consume most of their minerals through food, this does not pose an issue for us.  

The main problem with water comes from chemicals and not from minerals. Whether water contains 30 or 3 parts per million calcium is not nearly as significant as the difference between 0.5 and 5 per million chloroform.

While both RO units and distillers effectively reduce the “dissolved solids” content of water, the processes are pretty different. The RO system filters water through a really tight semi-permeable membrane. On the other hand, a distiller is like a vast teakettle. It boils water, catches the steam, condenses it, and captures the water produced. Most contaminants are left as residue in the boiling cell. Both rely massively on carbon filtration for the removal of chemicals. It’s worth considering that cheap distillers often have limited or no carbon filtration and are not very effective.

Water in its purest form has no flavor or odor. When you “taste” water, you actually taste what’s been dissolved in it. People have different opinions on what causes water to taste good. 

If you hate the smell or taste of the water in your home, you will most likely favor RO water. Many households find they started drinking more water after having a RO system installed.

Most people have a reverse osmosis unit installed under their kitchen sink. If that’s not an option, the system can also be placed in a basement, closet, or utility room.

Because a RO unit comes with its own dispensing faucet, a hole may need to be added to your sink or countertop for installation. However, some sinks are already built with extra space for mounting.

Only pre and post-filters are needed to be replaced every year to ensure prime performance. Eventually, the quality and the amount of water usage will decide how often you need to change your filters.

Depending on the point-of-use RO model, the annual cost is less than $0.30 per day. The RO membrane itself will typically last between two & five years.

No, in fact, a water softener can help in extending the life of the RO membrane. Magnesium and calcium are two of the hardest minerals for the RO membrane to eliminate and sodium is much lighter or more manageable as it removes 98% of all sodium present in the water.

Yes, you can but believe us, it will be difficult. We suggest letting a residential water treatment professional like Lone Star Water Services attaching everything in the correct spots.

A local professional at Lone Star Water Services will examine factors such as your home’s water temperature, pressure, overall water quality and the distance of the holding tank to the faucet. This information is also essential for understanding your unit’s maintenance needs.

If you still have queries regarding the installation of a RO system at your home, feel free to contact Lone Star Water Services’ local water treatment expert.

We have qualified professionals with an in-depth knowledge of equipment and the craftsmanship behind treating residential water. They will conduct a free water report at your property, examine installation areas and give you the advice you need.

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Outstanding, hassle-free experience! Garrett was very polite, knowledgeable, and professional. Lone Star Water Services is a top-notch, customer oriented organization. Give them a'll be glad you did.
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After a $9000 quote from another company, I called Lone Star. I was set up with 18 months at 0 interest and the total was $2800. I got a water softener and water filtration. The prices are clearly listed on their website. The installers are friendly and knowledgeable. I highly recommend!
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Kate Bunch
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We received excellent customer services from the office staff. The quote and installation process was super easy and professional! He was so knowledgeable and notified me of things I wouldnt have thought of. Ive had the system about a week now and it is night and day to my old system! I highly recommend them and they do service the Liberty Hill area
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Great job! I highly recommend their services. Garrett was friendly and extremely helpful.
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Lone Star provided excellent service from start to finish. From getting an estimate to having my water softener installed was quick, easy and painless. They made sure to answer all my questions and educated me with great information about their product. Will absolutely be recommending to family and friends.
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Sidney Hertz
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Garrett was honest, fast and friendly. We had a water softener throwing up an error. He gave us the choices of what could be done or getting a new one. We went with the new option and there was zero pressure.
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We really enjoy the professional service we received from Lone Star Water Service. Garrett completed the job quickly at a inexpensive price. He was very experienced and had great customer service!! We would recommend this company to friends and family.