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Full-Service Water Filter Company In TX

Have you been looking for a way to improve the quality of your tap water? If so, then it's time that we talk! An LSWS Water Softener will provide all members of our household with soft, tasteless drinking water on demand.
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Looking For A RO System?

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Offering Precision at Every Drop In TX

Introducing the newest technology in water filtration, Reverse Osmosis Systems! With our reverse osmosis system, you will never have to worry about water purity again. Instead, it provides you safe, clean drinking water in your own home!
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Let Lone Star Meet Your Water Heater Needs

Water Heater Systems

Best Water Heating Plumbers in Austin, TX

Shopping for a new water heater? Is the old one giving you trouble? Look no further for an energy-efficient solution. Lone Star Water Services is here to help.
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We offer a 5% medical, first responder, military, veteran & educators discount.

Water Softener

For Everyone

Improve your quality of life by having delicious, safe water at home.

Water Softener

Sustainable Solutions

They’re as great for the planet as they are for you.

Water Softener

Peace of Mind

We take care of your water so you don't have to worry.

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Water Softener

Unmatched Care

LSWS Top Rated 5 Star service and hassle-free maintenance.

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Water Softeners and Reverse Osmosis Systems that are Sustainable & Affordable

Lone Star Water Services are your local experts in hard water and well water treatment solutions. We are your No-Hassle Local Small Business Water Treatment & Plumbing Company.

If you require water softener repair or if you’d like to consider a whole house reverse osmosis system installation, we can surely help. We service Dripping Springs, Blanco, Wimberley & surrounding Central Texas areas from Austin to San Antonio

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service before & after the sale. We offer some of the best water softeners, reverse osmosis systems & other water treatment options for everyone at an affordable rate. We provide our clients with the best professional installations & repairs on water softeners, well water treatment systems, reverse osmosis systems & water heaters at the market’s best prices!

Our Services


Water Softener

We can surely help if you’re searching for water softener installation near you or the best water softener products & other water treatment products at the best prices.


Water Softener

We offer some of the most reliable water heaters at the best prices. Our specialists perform the best-in-class water heater repairs & replacements on your demand.


Water Softener

Lone Star Water Services is well known for its water treatment services such as Reverse Osmosis, Water Filtration & UV Sterilization all over Central Texas.


Water Softener

Reverse osmosis at Lone Star Water Services removes up to 99% of dissolved contaminants from your water, leaving it fresh-tasting & perfectly clean.


Water Softener

At Lone Star Water Services, we perform several precise water filtration tests for the most common contaminants so you can understand what’s in your water.


Water Softener

If you have concerns about bacteria & viruses in your water. In that case, we offer additional specialty filtration, i.e., ultraviolet lamps installed in your home.


Water Filtration Systems

  • LSWS 10″AIO – Treats Iron and Sulfur

  • LSWS 12″AIO – Treats Iron and Sulfur

  • Viqua VH410 – UV Light for Bacteria and Viruses


Water Softener

  • SWS 48k Water Softener & 1.5cf Whole House Backwashing Carbon Filter Combo

    $2,895.00 – Reg. $3,045.00 $1,699.00(water softener only)
  • LSWS 32k Water Softener & 1 cf Whole House Backwashing Carbon Filter Combo

    $2,695.00 – Reg. $2,845.00 $1,599.00 (water softener only)
  • LSWS 64k Water Softener & 2cf Whole House Backwashing Carbon Filter Combo

    $3,295.00 – Reg. $3,445.00 $1,899.00 (water softener only)
  • LSWS Twin 48k Water Softener

    $2,340.00(water softener(s) only)
  • LSWS Twin 64k Water Softener

    $3,230.00 (water softener(s) only)

Reverse Osmosis Systems

  • Reverse Osmosis Systems NRO4-50 4-Stage, 50 gpd RO $495.00
  • NRO5-50 5-Stage, 50 gpd RO $595.00
  • TWIST-LOC-RO-75 4-Stage, 75 gpd RO $645.00
  • Replacement Filters $ Accessories NRO4-FILTERPACK $75.00
  • FLOWLOK-KIT FlowLok Leak Detector w/Safety Kit $275.00

Would you like to finance your filtration system?

Make easy monthly payments over 3, 6, or 12 months

You can finance the purchase of your Whole House Water Filtration System today. Visit our Financing Page for more information.

Water Softener

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Frequently Asked Questions

Lone Star Water Service offers a full range of water treatment services for many industries. For over 20 years, we have been helping your Texans make use of the best water ever. Read our faqs & learn more about our water services.

It’s the process of filtering or chemically improving water. The most effective ways to enhance water quality are entry (POE) & point of use (POU). Water treatments at Lone Star Water Services remove minerals as calcium & manganese that cause hard water or other sediment build ups from an incoming water source.

Water softeners at Lone Star Water Services filter out minerals like manganese & calcium to deprive your house of hard water. During the whole softening process, some amount of sodium is added to the water, about as much as a slice of bread. After the installation, extra salt should be added to the water softener about once a month to ensure the most eminent-quality, softened water.

The advantages of water softeners & treatment systems go beyond odorless, cleaner, better-tasting water. After softening the hard water, your body skin may appear softer, your hair a bit more silkier, soap suds may last longer & your clothes will indeed feel more softer. All with a decreased need for detergents & cleansers! Appliances like dishwashers, water heaters & washing machines will operate more efficiently & last longer. Pipes & other devices will also benefit from the decrease of calcium & magnesium buildup. And do not forget its positive impact on the environment.

Water that nourished the dinosaurs also nourishes us as the never-ending water cycle advances to filter the same water repeatedly. However, as the waterfalls back to the earth’s surface as rain, it picks up some air pollutants & dust. Once it hits the surface, this universal solution, i.e., water dissolves & accumulates everything from pesticides to sediments. In the U.S., 80 to 90% of the total usable water supply comes from this groundwater.


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Would you like more information on our whole house water filtration and softening products?

Why Choose Us

water softener

Eco-friendly Systems

Our eco-friendly system units utilize industry-standard parts and components, making the finding and replacing of any part or filters simple and cost-effective.

Water Softener

Easy Installation

Easy to install and low maintenance: save homeowners up to $1,029 or more a year + time and hassle from buying costly, heavy bottled water.

Water Softener

Fully Automated

Fully automated system will effectively treat tap, well, and hard water at variable water pressures with extreme pH and hardness levels.

Reviews From Our Customers

Tyler Delliber
Read More
I made a huge DIY fail with our kitchen sink which resulted in a leak in multiple spots; after I failed at fixing said leaks, we decided to call a professional. These guys came out the next day after calling, and squeezed us in between other jobs that they had that day. They found an additional leak that we weren't aware of, and installed a brand new faucet in barely any time at all. I mentioned my woes with dealing with hard water before getting our current water softener, and Russel went ahead and tested our water to be on the safe side (it was soft, thankfully). Later that night after they left, we reached out to Russel because our reverse osmosis drinking water faucet wasn't working. He called me and walked me through fixing it at 8:45pm, which in retrospect he didn't have to because it wasn't his water softener/hardware that he installed. These guys are among the most professional contractors I have ever done business with and my wife and I were thoroughly impressed for how polite they were. Thank you again!
James Casey
Read More
Outstanding, hassle-free experience! Garrett was very polite, knowledgeable, and professional. Lone Star Water Services is a top-notch, customer oriented organization. Give them a'll be glad you did.
Diana B
Read More
After a $9000 quote from another company, I called Lone Star. I was set up with 18 months at 0 interest and the total was $2800. I got a water softener and water filtration. The prices are clearly listed on their website. The installers are friendly and knowledgeable. I highly recommend!
Kate Bunch
Kate Bunch
Read More
We received excellent customer services from the office staff. The quote and installation process was super easy and professional! He was so knowledgeable and notified me of things I wouldnt have thought of. Ive had the system about a week now and it is night and day to my old system! I highly recommend them and they do service the Liberty Hill area
Jeremy M.
Jeremy M.
Read More
a year ago This was my second time (different house) to use Lone Star Water Services for installation of a water softener system (softener and carbon filter). Garrett and Rick are top notch when it comes to these systems. I will not use anyone else for my water treatment needs as long as I remain in the Austin area. Garrett is very much a professional, very communicative, and great at explaining the process to his customers. You also cannot beat the price! Very competitive pricing and the end-result is a top dog deal. I was also impressed at how well they neatly buttoned up the installation - VERY TIDY. They also have the option of adding a softened water spigot next to the system (which I added) - great for washing vehicles! You cannot go wrong with using Lone Star Water Services!
Kim Oren
Kim Oren
Read More
We built our home 8 years ago and had it set up for a water softener but kept putting it off. After replacing a few faucets, we decided it was time to address the hard water issue. I shopped around and researched several companies. Garrett with Lone Star was mentioned numerous times in my neighborhood site, and he lived up to every description. They have the most competitive prices and are not pushy with their sales approach. Just informative, helpful, and honest. Installation was quick and painless, and our water now tastes and cleans like it should. Thankful to get rid of all the residue! Highly recommend Lone Star!!
Tui Leauanae
Tui Leauanae
Read More
Great job! I highly recommend their services. Garrett was friendly and extremely helpful.
Jesse Rocha
Jesse Rocha
Read More
Lone Star provided excellent service from start to finish. From getting an estimate to having my water softener installed was quick, easy and painless. They made sure to answer all my questions and educated me with great information about their product. Will absolutely be recommending to family and friends.
Sarah Bellows
Sarah Bellows
Read More
Garrett with Lonestar Water was friendly, professional, timely, and flexible to meet our scheduling needs. When I first called to inquire about the pricing and specifications of the water softener system, I had all of my questions answered and Garrett helped me understand better what I needed for our new home and why! The price point is pretty unbeatable (I talked to over 5 other companies) and the quality of the product is excellent! Installation was a quick process and he came right when he said he would! Go with Lonestar Water to support your local business and get a service that treats you like a person not just a client!
Sidney Hertz
Sidney Hertz
Read More
Garrett was honest, fast and friendly. We had a water softener throwing up an error. He gave us the choices of what could be done or getting a new one. We went with the new option and there was zero pressure.
Laura Alderman
Laura Alderman
Read More
We really enjoy the professional service we received from Lone Star Water Service. Garrett completed the job quickly at a inexpensive price. He was very experienced and had great customer service!! We would recommend this company to friends and family.

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